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About the author -

Who is SWGoddard or Stephen Goddard or Miister Spiice, er well...

I grew up in the village of Marlow Bottom in south Buckinghamshire and I am the only child of Trevor and Shirley Goddard. I had a great childhood playing in the fields and woods towards the end of Marlow Bottom valley. Things were not so overdeveloped in those days and the roads were much quieter too.

You may remember me if you went to Burford School, I was the red-haired kid and Mrs Cloak was the headmistress.

After this I went to Great Marlow School before going onto college.I studied in Bucks College of Higher Education at High Wycombe electronics and computers for 2 years.

Those were the days of 8 bit processors like the z-80 or 6502 as used in the Sinclair ZX-Spectrum or the Acorn BBC Micro. They are dinosaurs compared to todays processors memory was usually measured in kilobytes and now you can easily get a terabyte for a home user.

After this I got a job in the electronics industry involved in quality control. During the next 20 or so years I worked for electronic companies. Then I decided I had enough and changed direction. So I worked for a bank for a few years in a Research Team. I have left the bank now but I am still in customer service at an office in High Wycombe.

I live in Maidenhead with my wife close to the Thames river. Where I have just kicked my World of Warcraft habit (much to my wifes pleasure). But I still enjoy a game of Halflife 2, Command and Conquer and Unreal Tournament. I sometimes run my own Halflife 2 server for a bit of fun. I have now unified my personas on steam and facebook as miister spiice.

Miister Spiice

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You can see what i've been enjoying on Youtube here: ''.

Apart from gaming I enjoy coding too. In the past I wrote visual basic programs and have dabbled in c plus and java. But I am most proficient in HTML and web/graphics design using Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Photoshop. Hence the website that your looking at now.

Also I love animals and you can often find me walking my dog along the banks of the Thames.